DJ Bushy Bush
<p>Dj Bushy bush Government Calvin Wynter second and last child to mamma Yvonne. Born in Spanish Town St Catherine Jamaica june 6 1979. The Time I spent growing up in Jamaica make me the person who I am today, When I was 10 years old my moms decided that it was time for me and my brother to move to the states so we moved to Brookly NY in 1992. My whole life change everything seems bigger, more opportunity everthing was more easy. I give thanks every day that I have the Mother that I have She did it by herself without my father, i consider my moms daddy and mommy. In 1995 I went to Jersey to visit Family and I got linked up with a Local sound system based in Somerset name Desperado, This was the start of something great. I took time to learned the business, time to listen and learn from other selectors that was apart of the sound. Unfortunately Desparado was short live so i knew i had to keep it moving I took a 2 years break god bless me with a little baby boy i had to spend the time with him just to watch him grow and learn, i have no regrets. I use music to voice my opinion music is a big part of my life i couldnt give it up i had to get back out there. being the go getta that i am and the striver for better i wanted to do somthing bigger than i ever done with my music career. I link up with a Jersey Base promotor name Smiley this dude was huge he started what allot of dem now a days wanna be sounds is doing in jersey today. Snowhite sound system is the sound that is responsible for my career, I've played with sounds like Stone Love, Metro Media, Bass Oddysie, just to name a few i am not a just come Dj I've put in my time and i will continue to do this i love what i do and this is why i do it. Starting out as a DJ have help me to learn and understand what it takes to make good music and appreciate these artist for what they are doing. Five years ago i couldnt write a good song but the time that i've put in with playing and learning music has enable me to do this. I love Djing and i will continue to do it but my goal right now is to push my own music. .. .. ..</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><iframe src="" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="450"></iframe></p>
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