Quinto Sol
<p>Music can be contagious, inspiring and poignant. Quinto Sol (QS), Fifth Sun, or Inic Macuilli Tonatiuh, in Nahuatl, carries that type of emotion and sound deeply rooted in the Americas, Caribbean and Africa. QS is a Los Angeles based group that emerged from the artist/activist community of East Los Angeles in 1993. QS is roots reggae at its core, woven seamlessly with cumbia, salsa, reggae, R&amp;B, dance hall, Latin soul, and, in some instances, a synthesis of these musical genres and more. QS has twice been awarded &ldquo;Best Latin Artist of the Year&rdquo; two consecutive years (2004 &amp; 2005) by the prestigious LA Weekly Magazine. QS is a collective of musicians, inspired to use music as a critical pedagogy, creating awareness of socio-political and economic issues facing their community. QS Sol does this by incorporating their own urban realities in everyday life and the struggles of indigenous communities throughout the world, while sending conscious lyrics and powerful live performances. In the early 1990s QS released various demos and live recordings, including the compilation Sociedad=Suciedad released by BYO Records. In 1998 QS released Cuicacalli, a double cd, featuring Fidel Nadal and Pablo Molina of Todos Tus Muertos from Argentina. Four years later, QS released Barrio Roots, featuring Raul Pacheco and Ulyses Bella of Ozomatli, produced and arranged by Mizraim Leal, the band&rsquo;s lead vocalist and guitarist. And in 2005 QS is featured on Planamu Sound's Root &amp; Culture Mix (mixed tape cd), which features some of the most prominent voices of the Latin Reggae movement today. QS&rsquo;s third, and most anticipated, album, Spirits of the Martyrs, and Martyrs in Dub, mixed by Hopeton Brown (legendary Scientist of Jamaica),</p>
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