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311 (pronounced "three-eleven") is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska.
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Aba Shanti-I

Aba used to deejay ‘Jah Tubby’s’ sound system and at that time he was known as ‘Jasmine Joe’.
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If the Aggrolites have a stated mission, it's to remind modern audiences what proper ska sounded like, whether in Kingston in 1963 or in London in 1979.
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Akae Beka

AKA Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite
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Alberto Dascola aka Alborosie is an Italian reggae singer, deejay and producer based in Kingston, Jamaica.
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"Alika is the reality of Roots, the kindness of reggae, Dancehall strenght and HipHop's honesty" (by Lia Samantha)
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Nineteen year old Dancehall artist Alkaline says his music represents everything that society is afraid of and society represents everything that he is afraid of.
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Alpha Blondy

Hailing from the Cote d'Ivoire, Alpha Blondy is among the world's most popular reggae artists. With his 12-piece band Solar System, Blondy offers a reggae beat with a distinctive African cast.
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Reggae music from California
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Animo Cruz

What started out as a live Roots Jam band, Mo El-Sherif has been sharing his love for playing and creating music with musicians in Santa Cruz.
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Anthony B

Reggae singer Anthony B. was born Keith Blair in Clarks Town, Jamaica; after performing with church and school choirs throughout his youth, he made his debut as a deejay with the local sound system Shaggy Hi-Power.
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Rylee Anuheakeʻalaokalokelani Jenkins, better known as Anuhea, is a Hawaiian contemporary folk rock singer and songwriter.
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Apex Vibe

Apex Vibe is a 5 piece Reggae-Rock band nestled in the city of Denver, CO. They are not your normal white boy reggae, they are reaching for a new place in time where dub reggae hooks up with the foundation of rock n roll and is baked at a Mile High
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Arden Park Roots

Arden Park Roots was built in a garage... like a classic car that you wrench on til it’s perfect. They have been busy in that garage; • In 2013 and 2014, they set all-time attendance records of over 7000 headlining one of Sacramento’s annual Concerts in the Park series.
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Arise Roots

Arise Roots goal is to create a fresh reggae sound with a modern feel that appeals to all ages and races, but one that doesn’t compromise the true feel of roots reggae.